7 Design Secrets To Pick The Right Color Christmas Lights

christmas lights installation on a house with nice colors

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Color Matters! If you’re hanging your own lights, don’t waste your time with sloppy design.

Warm White:

Warm white is always my favorite. It’s classy and feels like Christmas. With a warm white base you can add a few splashes of color to make it pop. Accent with color. Lay your base with warm white. In my opinion you want this color on your house because it feels cozy. It feels like the lighting in your living room. White light feels more like a dentist office. 

Bright White:

Use this as a color like red. Bright white pops. I wouldn’t have this all over your house. I use it as an accent. Maybe do the trees in your yard with bright white. 


A deep red screams Christmas, so use it with care. Maybe throw in a red tree or a hedge and watch how things come alive. 


While this isn’t a standard Christmas color, it goes so well with the winter and it feels like snow. Put an area of blue together and pay attention how it gives a cool winter feel you your set up. 


This isn’t my personal favorite Christmas color. Red and green together almost becomes cliche. It’s exactly what you expect to see coming straight off the walmart shelf. I like the color green, I just like to get a bit more creative. If green makes you feel something, then use it.
If you’re just using it because it’s a Christmas color… then ditch it. 

Multi-Color Lights:

I feel the same way as I do about green. If I see an entire setup with multi color lights it just feels like someone didn’t take the time to choose accenting colors or design a display. They threw up lights in obvious places. This is ok for a quick job, but I appreciate the finer things in life… Like good Christmas lights. 

Projectors & Flood Lights:

It’s easy to over-do it with a projector. Don’t spray light all over the front of your house. Find a bare wall or a feature and use the light strategically. A little goes a long way. 

Bonus tip: Buy 20% Extra Of Each Color 

If you run out of lights and then you might get stuck buying a different brand. Each brand has a different shade of the same color. Mixing shades looks bad. 

At Electric Elf we think about colors on every strand we install. Our team draws on knowledge from over 1,200 Christmas light installations… It’s kinda like if you did your Christmas lights every year at your house for 1,000 years. So we’ve got some ideas on how this works.

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