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FAQs About Our Christmas Light Installations

We get these questions a lot. Here are our best answers...

Do I own the lights?

Yes, you own the lights. We pack and label them in a neat box. If you return next year, you get a 10% discount up to $300.

Do you take the lights down?

Yes, we take down every light and label them. It will feel like we were never there. We box them up neatly and you keep the box.

What if I want to add something to my estimate?

Your estimate is flexible. If you want to add a feature we can adjust your pricing on the day we're hanging lights. The most common change is when people add a tree to their design.

What if I remove something from my estimate?

Your estimate is flexible. We can remove a feature from the estimate the day of install. We'll review your quote with you before we hang all the lights. You pay after the job is done.

What if my lights go out?

We the highest grade lights and we guarantee they'll stay on. If they go out, we’ll fix them within 48 hours. With our commercial grade lights and waterproofing tricks, our lights don't go out often.

What If I’m not there when I schedule?

As long as you leave access to an electrical outlet then we can take care of everything. We don’t need you to be present.

Do I have to do anything?

You just need to book a date. After that, all we need is access to an electrical outlet. You can be completely hands off. You don’t even have to see us if you don’t want to. Like real Elves, we can operate without help.

Can I pay after the job is finished?

Yes, you can pay after the job is complete and you're happy with your light design.

Can we leave our lights up all year?

We don't recommend it... they'll look bad when clips break or lights go out. We don't offer a return customer discount and we don't repair broken lights that stay up past January. Yes, you can leave them up because you own them.

Can I leave you a good review on Google?

Santa will bring you extra gifts if you leave a good review for Electric Elf.

How do I know where my lights will go?

You can choose which trees or bushes get decorated and have a chance to give your input. After that, we'll take over and make it magical. We’re good designers and we have experience to make it pop.

Will this work for me? The examples don’t look like my house. Mine is an odd shape.

You’d be surprised how creative we get to decorate odd-shaped houses. I’d like to say that we’ve seen it all… but that’s not possible.. In thousands of jobs, there is always something a little new. We almost always come up with a magic solution... And if we can’t then we’ll just give your money back. It’s risk free.

Why is Electric Elf different?

Our team has been around thousands of light installs over 14 years. We've seen this business from the inside.
We made Electric Elf so you don’t have to deal with shady quotes, uncertain schedules, low quality lights, sloppy installs, or slow customer service.

What if schedule and then I cancel before you put up the lights?

We won't charge you, but Santa might skip your house on Christmas.

Which cities do you serve?

We hang lights in Los Gatos, Saratoga, Scotts Valley, Pasatiempo, and Santa Cruz... First Come First Served. Our schedule does fill up.

Can you set up other yard deocorations?

We ONLY hang lights. This lets us specialize in quality designs.

Can you decorate my Christmas tree?

We specialize in outdoor design. We only do rooflines, trees, bushes, fences, and yard designs that use string or net lighting.

Can't find an answer to your question?

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